18 March 2007


We often recited this silly lil poem when i was young (and some of my family still does):

M r ducks
o s a r
cdedbd wings?

m r ducks!

Imagine my surprise when I see this very duck on my fence yesterday morning.
I wondered, really, how long she would stay
and what made the fence perch even slightly attractive.

and then, i saw him.

yes, the mallard was sitting below.

soon, she flew down beside him.
and then the two waddled under the fence,
out of my patio,
out of view.

Visit complete.


Jewels said...

Interessting. Can you actually pronounce that gibberish?

Gracie said...

yep. say the individual letters. u'll get it.

cindy said...

HA! i get it! how fun...do another one. :o)

jordan said...

Cindy, you sound like your son, David! :-)