07 March 2007


I trained with Kati in Kalamazoo today.
She's one of my classmates in my spiritual formation master's program.
But even more than that, she was one of the people who let me know about "my" job. And so I get to thank her.
And today she showed me how she does it.
Although she didn't want to receive the compliment, she's a great teacher. She followed the "I'll do it, you watch" transition into the "you tell me, I'll cheer you on" type of method. (Whether she intentionally did this or not.) And it was helpful.
And fun.

And slightly overwhelming.
But then, there's tomorrow...

In other news, our friend La is converting to Judiasm. Or so it looks like from this picture as she tried on the hat Beth is making her. Silly, I know. But you look at the picture and decide.


White Rabbit said...

Have fun training!!!

Anonymous said...

keith, do you mean training into judaism or training for diana? ;)