09 March 2007

two, four, one and other thoughts

God observes numbers and I think He likes them. At least, I'm keeping track of some numbers in my experience.

For instance:
Two months ago (monday was actually the anniversary),
my job was discontinued.
That very day (anniversary) I started my new job.

Four are the days of my new work week. At this point I "get" Fridays off.
What a gift.

One stands for the week of work that I've now completed.
One by one, day by day, He teaches me and heals my heart.
What about the lessons regarding identity? If not having an answer to the "what do you do" question provoked the demand to better understand my identity, where am I now? How do I continue living in to the identity as a beloved daughter of the King and not get swept up in the identity of my new job and the position I hold?

Years ago I read this book called the One Thing. It outlined the challenge of keeping God's mission, the one thing, as the motivation for everything.

There is a guy who seemed to get that and maintain a singular focus. He once commented something like this, "I only do what the Father wills me to do."
And later on, said if we believed in Him we could do all that He did and more.
It's quite a challenge to live in to.
But talk about an identity. Let it be so!

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