23 March 2007


Watching life burst through the winter soil garners all shades of hope within my heart and spirit. I love this time of year. I can't wait for the buds on trees to roll out in every shade of green. Today's pictures are some signs of spring from today's walk with Jordan...
In other news, I completed my third week of work.
Time passes somewhat carelessly it seems in that I know I live each day,
but can't believe another week is done. Yesterday I was trained by another lovely lady, Chrissandra, at our Battle Creek office. It was my first visit to the cereal city and a gorgeous day for a drive.

Today I lunched with some people I used to work with.
It was hard.
I realized that I place so much value on relationships, and likely set expectations that are not very realistic.
My hope was to be true to God and His faithfulness and yet not pretend.
Those hopes did not prevent thoughts, emotions, and memories to flood my heart and spirit.
Forgiveness is such a process. I long to "be done" sometimes, but it's just not a simple on and off switch. A lot of you were praying, though. I could tell. Thanks!

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