20 March 2007


As people get to know me at my new job, they've often said, "oh, you're the new Katy."
Um, okay, yes, that's a way to look at it.

But, I'm not Katy. New, old, improved, seasoned, infant, or otherwise. She's been training me. She offers a plethora of experience and wisdom. I won't arrive there quickly (if??).

And we're different. She's leaving to be home with her five-month old baby. She's eager for that opportunity.

She also grieves.

Transitions. We need them. But we don't always want them.
It's hard to leave something that has offered life.

We might be plagued by questions:
What if there isn't life beyond this?
What if this is "as good as it gets?"
What if God really doesn't know what He's doing? (my questions, not Katy's)
Was this the right decision?
How do I know if I heard God's voice?

Strangely, rapidly, thankfully, I've gotten to know Katy's heart. I've met her kids. I heard her story.

But she's not working here anymore.

Do we understand the significance of these interactions when our lives naturally won't overlap again? Sigh. Probably not. But then, we're called to love. Not necessarily to understand.

Katy loves well. I am a grateful recipient.

pictured above: LeAnne, Katy, me, Pat. The GR SAU crew.


White Rabbit said...

i don't like thinking of you in a new place where people don't really know you yet. After reading this i thought, "No, she is not the 'new Katy' because she is Diana and she can't be compared with anyone else, and if you knew her you would not think to compare her to anyone else because there is no one like her. She doesn't replace anyone, she simply 'is'. She's set apart and yet is often found at the center."

grrr (bear growl)

Jewels said...

You all look like a happy group! Best wiahes to you in your new job!

Gracie said...

you're soo scary! :-)
thanks 4 the affirmation, tho. i think!

Gracie said...

it's too early to tell...but we were color-coordinated at least which is why i forced everyone into a picture. Thanks for the wishes!!!

jordan said...

I'm totally agreeing with White Rabbit. No comparison allowed with our Diana! End of conversation.