12 March 2007

conversations with Kate, chiefly on prayer

The dialogue went a bit like this:
"Auntie Diana, what do you do for your job exactly?"
Followed by a serious set of questions (and my subsequent answers), she seemed mostly satisfied.
"We were praying, you know, and, I didn't hear right away that you got the job," she accused, "but I knew you'd get it.
We were praying!"

Yes, dear Kate, your faith blesses and humbles me.
May we grow ever more like little children before you Abba.

In slightly less significant news, I don't know if you noticed, but I'm trying to rely less on others for pictures, since I have my own lil camera. So yesterday, when some friends and their kids came swimming at my house, I grabbed my camera with enthusiasm and anticipation. But, you'll have to check out Karen's tale, here (if this link works), because, unfortunately, she was the only one who snapped photos.

And then today, at my very church,
Julie hosted a fantastic shower for our friend Kathya. Unfortunately, I have no photos of the guest of honor. Sad!
But I do have a few of some other fine friends.
Including Jewels and her daughters!!


Jewels said...

Nice camera!

And Kate wasn't even at the sermon on healing prayer - what a girl!

Jewels said...

You know, the older niece looks like you.

Gracie said...

thanks, J! I think Kate is much more lovely than me but I take that as a huge compliment. (And since her Mom, Carmen, and I are often told we look alike, I guess it makes sense.)

Jewels said...

It makes great sense - my 2 daughters look just like different aunts - and one of my nieces looks more like me than her mom.