21 May 2008

breaking the rules

I wonder if I committed a social sin today.
See, I had a meeting to go to, and I didn't know what to wear. So I decided to wear the same thing to work that I wore the day before.
It wasn't dirty, soiled, or stinky. And I liked it. So I put it back on.

I'm wondering how this started.
By this I mean, why and how did we decide that clothes should be changed every day? What is that about? If we're honest, we likely all have way more clothes than we could ever need. And caring for all those clothes certainly takes a ton of time, resources, and energy. We must feel the "need" for new clothes because we pursue and purchase them. But seriously, what drives this?

A few years ago I had the privilege of traveling to the Far East to teach on small groups and prayer. The precious people I met with risked their lives to be together and to pursue God and grow the church. And they wore the same clothes almost every day of the seven days I was with them. It was not insulting or offensive. I became very fond of the people AND their clothes. :-)

I remember being uncomfortable (embarrassed?) as a young girl if my Mom wore the same clothes more than once in a week. But really, it's ridiculous. Why not? Why the excess? Could we not break down some "unspoken" social rule and give freedom in this area? I know, there are way more important things in life. Thousands of people have died recently and may even be trapped alive related to the events in china and myanmar. I know. This subject simply pales in comparison.

But, I've been thinking about it
and wondering
and perhaps, breaking the rules.


Brown Eyed Girl said...

Okay, I am letting a little secret of mine out. Only Craig knows this about me.
I may wear the same clothes four days in a row minus changing socks and underwear.
This is how it works. I have Friday off. If I do go out it usually is only for a few hours. Saturday comes around and depending on what we do I may not get dressed all day. If I do I usually put on what I wore the day before. Then here comes Sunday. Since I don't usually dress up for church I typically will put on what I wore for a little while on Friday and Saturday. Now it is Monday. I head off to work in a different city. No one at work has seen me for three days so what do I put on? The same thing that I have worn for three days.
Craig and I just had a discussion this week about the fact that I only really need two different outfits.
I have made a point to scale down my wardrobe. If I didn't wear it all season it usually gets donated to Mel Trotter. I survived all last Winter with just a few shirts and pants.

hildred said...

i sometimes do the same thing as brown-eyed girl ("minus changing socks and underwear"), only for about 3 days. on sunday i do dress up for church ... then i will usually wear that same outfit to work on monday. on tuesday i head to a different office so, barring any unforeseen spills or smells :), i will wear those same clothes once again. works for me!

joyful said...

You know, I think I do a version of this...I end up rotating outfits a couple of times before I wash them...does that count? I don't happen to wear the same outfit on consecutive days. Good for brown eyed girl to cut back. I think I would find it hard to do in my job and with so many options of things to wear!

Gracie said...

Aw. You are fun. Thanks for your comments.
Hildred, for clarification, you DO change your socks and underwear, right? That's what BeG is saying. I think u're both saying the same thing.
I HOPE u're both sayin the same thing! :-)]
And the call to scaling down and simplifying is definitely something I want to keep in front of me.

Sabrina said...

I have been known to wear the same pair of jeans 7 days in a row. They just get comfy around the 5th day!

When i was a kid i once wore the same pair of socks for weeks. They were my lucky lady bug socks and i loved them. Why my mom didn't notice this, I have no idea?