13 May 2008


"Ladies," he directed, "take a look at the clouds."

And this is what we saw.

AND my photo can't capture it.

The artist swept his rainbow brush
to offer another masterpiece.

Fabulous work, Father!

So i sent a photo to a local tv station and they responded back with this. Check it out.


hildred said...

awe some

Lynn said...

I saw it too! Wasn't it amazing?!! We were calling everyone to come look. Thanks for taking such a good pic.

How are you? I would love to connect again sometime. I haven't moved or changed phone numbers. :o)


Brown Eyed Girl said...

Wow. You were very lucky to see such a cool thing.

White Rabbit said...

Very nice, i've never seen one before either. Thanks!

Jewels said...

Those weather people!