11 May 2008


It's happened.
Upon my return from NYC things at my house have changed.
My housemate decided it was time to have internet access--and so the choices to facilitate that are either phone lines, or cable.
she chose cable and asked if I minded a hole in the wall of my house.
(I didn't mind!)
So now we have wireless.
And we have cable.

I've decided that having cable simply means it takes longer to realize that there is nothing worth watching on television.

But the internet access is great--as I type this from my own very bedroom.
Thanks roomie!

And, yet another birthday to mention and celebrate. My friend Robin's birthday was yesterday! Happy Birthday dear lady.


hildred said...

envious ... that's what i am. yet, so pleased for you as i know the "pains" of not being wireless. congratulations, sistah! i get to see you soooooon!!! blessings as you complete your final assignments for the semester. much love to you!

Karla said...

hildred-how is your schooling going anyway? are you getting close to being finished? ARE you finished?

also, diana, I have said that very same thing about cable. You just get more crappy channels to surf through.

Craig said...

Cable? Well then that's Comcastic. Your roomie needed to read my blog before making such a rash decision.