07 April 2008

weekend mishap

I confess that I have this thing about dishes in my sink. I don't need my dishes washed immediately, but I like to pile my dishes alongside the sink, neatly, so that my sink isn't full of dishes.

This very weekend I was preparing to steam some broccoli and sear some salmon. I turned on my burners and set my "broccoli" pan on the stove. As I was washing and trimming the broccoli, I did notice the color of my stove top under the pan seemed a bit strange. (But I didn't pay attention to it. Argh!) After a few minutes of cooking however, I smelled something beyond broccoli. And that color, well, yes, one of my favorite tupperware container lids, purple! The smell, of course burning plastic. The end result? Well, the good news is that the lid did not melt onto my pan. (B/c it's really one of Hildred's pans even though I keep praying she'll forget I have them.) But it did melt all over my burner. Only, I don't have a removable burner, b/c I have a flat top stove.

So, anyone know how to get plastic off of such an appliance? Can I simply turn the burner back on and let it "burn" off?

Oh, and see, the lid was stuck to the bottom of my pan b/c of my stacking tendency. That's the thing. Too bad. Quite sad! :-(


Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh, I have been there. I was preparing part of my Thanksgiving dinner and put my cutting board on the stove and was working away. I thought that I had turned the back burner on but oh no, it was the front burner. The smell was obnoxious but did finally clear with windows open and ceiling fans flying.
To get rid of the plastic (well Craig did it for me) turn the burner on very low and with windows open and stove vent on take a putty knife and carefully scrap the goo off. Wipe it onto a paper plate or something that you can toss.

Jewels said...

One time I melted my favorite Venezualan hot pad onto the bottom of a pan in the oven. A couple of weeks ago, I tried to clean the grates from the grill in the self cleaning oven - big mistake, but at least I know the smoke alarm works.

Gracie said...

I completely LOVE you both!!! Thanks!!

hildred said...

sooooo very glad my pan is ok :P sad about your favorite tupperware. i wish i had some helpful tips to rid yourself of the plastic on your stovetop ... icky stuff that purple goo!!!

joyful said...

So...I'm thinking that the solution from 'brown eyed girl' is much better than mine (involving lighter fluid;0) I hope something helps get the melted stuff off of your stove. Love you!