25 April 2008


It wasn't that I didn't want to stay, when she asked, "shall we round this corner and discover where the wood duck landed?"
I certainly wanted to continue the adventure.
It's just I needed to get to work.

Spring seduced us, in a sweet way on our walk today.
Our "normal" walk found us lingering 20 minutes longer than usual.
Various calls, colors, and wild flowers captured our attention,
both slowing and stopping our stride.
Awe of our creator and the majesty of the creation
caused us to burst out with applause and praise and wonder.
Yesterday my spiritual director mused, "what if God had decided to make the grass and the fauna red instead of green? Would we enjoy it as much?"
I tried to imagine it red, but truly, I adore the green.

So we sought out the yellow trout lily,
the sweet spring beauties,
white trillium,
blooming bluebells,
jack in the pulpits,
rain dropped may apples,
solomon's seal,
wild garlic,
and ginger,
and loads of other lovelies that we don't know the names of.
It is such a glorious time of year.

We heard our cardinals, flickers, song sparrows, robins, even a wren we mistakenly labeled a cardinal with vibrato.
Our other friend, the kingfisher, was back, mapping his (or her?) flight along the creek's windy trail.
Alas, work called. The cars at trails end signaled my leave.
But Jordan? she remained.
On the lookout for the wood duck
and whatever other adventure or creature awaited discovery.

1 comment:

jordan said...

The Wood Duck was gorgeous! Exquisite patterns and colors. You missed out, Gracie.