21 April 2008

steeple chase

I see them first. It's often the steeples that draw me. They highlight an area or draw attention to a skyline. So when I had some time this past weekend, I decided to capture some of those steeples "on film." (We need a new phrase!!)
And doorways.

In the "modern" church (not part of the modern/post modern discussion) of today, churches don't necessarily standout in the same way. My current church building, for instance, is a warehouse. It serves our community and space needs well, but one wouldn't use it as a landmark in the city of Grand Rapids...

so the church building can signal something. It can bring us to attention. And we spend a lot of time and resources on buildings and what our churches look like (at least, generally that's the move).
But really,
as much as we get caught up in the church,
and we equate it to a building,
we, the people of the church,
we're the ones that really need to draw attention to Jesus, regardless.

A friend of mine in class often challenges us to be a window to Jesus. And maybe I'm influenced by that as well.
Others say people need to see Jesus as they look at us. As we reflect on our lives, as I reflect on who I am and how I live,
what do I draw attention to?
Does my "skyline" allow people to see Jesus?
Does my church make a difference in the community,
aside from drawing attention to the building?
If the church were gone, would the community notice the difference?

These are the questions that chased me as I chased after the steeples...


Jewels said...

Cool Gracie. Love this post!

Sabrina said...

So beautiful! I am a lover of steeples myself!

Thanks for sharing Diane..er i mean DianA!!! :)

Gracie said...

Thanks, Julia.

And Samantha :-). It's always a privilege when u drop by.