18 April 2008

Serious Consideration

Here's a piece of the current journey. These words from my class, and most recent book have been hitting repeat in my mind.

"I have come to the point in my life where I realize
that if I ever get passion for the Son of God
it will not be because I earned it;
it will be because he gave it to me
as his greatest and most gracious gift.

We can have anything from him
that we are willing to labor for in prayer.
I encourage you to spend more time asking God
to grant you passion for the Son of God
than you do asking him for anything else.

The Father loves the Son more than anyone or anything else.
He is devoted to the Son. His eyes never leave the Son.
I have paraphrased John 17:26 to pray it like this:
'Father, grant me power from the Holy Spirit
to love the Son of God like you love him'"
(Deere, Surprised by the power of the Spirit).

How does that hit your heart and spirit?
Wanna pray it as well? (Maybe u already do...)


Jewels said...

Wow Gracie, that does hit my heart seeing as the root of passion is "to suffer." We are most living from our heart when we identify with His pain and it can be a hard road but joyful too.

Anonymous said...

Hey- Diana- I LOVE John 17 and Jesus' prayer for the disciples and for those that come after them. You actually brought that passage to life to me when we were at the Mansion and you read that as one of our nightly devos. I remember you clearly reading that passage and explaining the love that comes to us from the Father through Jesus. It was very impacting on me and this was another good reminder of that AWESOME portion of the Holy scriptures. The Father is indeed gracious to us in all sorts of ways, but what if we really focused on getting that passion, wouldn't He just delight in that and then delight in giving that?? How much would the world change? How much would I change??!!!- Thanks for that and I am inspired to pray for more passion for my Savior and Redeemer. He is my joy-
Thanks- bb