23 April 2008

just leave them dirty in the sink!

A couple weeks ago I tasted the "best ribs" in Grand Rapids. It was good. I'm not a rib connoisseur, but I believed their advertising. For whatever reason, however, it put us in the mood for ribs. The incredible guy I'm dating, see, he is more of an expert, and actually has his very own rib maker thing. (There IS a more official title, I know.) And so the other night he cooked up ribs. And they were fabulous. As far as I can tell, they could compete with the Grand Rapids fare.
As a show of appreciation, I was cleaning the crockpot portion of this rib cooker. And may I introduce exhibit A. Trouble. It may have been a sign not to do dishes. (j/k)

Seriously, here's the thing. I had the pot in the sink. Granted, it doesn't fit perfectly, so I began to adjust it, and it shifted slightly, When I say slightly, I mean the thing did not crash into the sink or anything even resembling that. It shifted.
And it cracked.
You may wonder how hot the water was, or if there was a major temperature change. But that was not the case. (I know, I sound defensive.) The thing cracked though. and I couldn't believe it. You know me. My reputation for falling surrounds me. I wouldn't say that I break things, even if there have been a few things in my lifetime. But this, the crockpot? It's like it broke without me. I'm not kidding people.
So there it is. Perfectly broken.
Now...would you think I could find a replacement crockpot somewhere, anywhere on our "get anything u want and more online store" internet?
I can't.
Not even on the website that makes the precious pot.
So, it remains.
No ribs to be had.
so very sad.

any advice out there?

In other, much happier news, please welcome a new blogger! Check out my friend's new blog. Her blog features her fabulous writing. Give her a shout as you visit, would you?


Karen said...

Have you tried contacting the company that makes them and telling them what happened? It may be that the crock pot part was actually faulty and they'd give you a new one. Or at least they could tell you how to get the old one.

Worst case scenario, they could tell you that it's impossible to replace, and then at least you'd know.

Or try ebay.

Dan said...

Once I bought a coffee maker, and three weeks later the carafe broke in our sink. I emailed the company asking if I could order a new one, and they shipped one off for free. So it never hurts to ask. . .

Gracie said...

Karen, I totally want the crockpot part to be faulty.

And ur experience inspires me, too, Dan.

Excellent advice, both of you. Thanks!!

jordan said...

I'm much more interested in the "incredible guy I'm dating" comment!

jordan said...

Thanks, Gracie, for your link to my blog. I'm receiving your gracious comments. Thank you.