27 July 2007


Seasons change as we all know. Recently I've been reflecting on my "former life." Largely because last year at this time I was traveling, and specifically gearing up for the small group evangelism conference we were hosting in Long Beach, California. That experience generated excitement and exhilaration, but also teetered on the adrenaline-masking exhaustion edge. It was a crazy season of work. I know that rhythm. It's the event or activity backing up to activity schedule that affords little fresh air and in fact, if one activity bleeds into the space of another, some panic ensues and pressure tightens.

I lived that rhythm this past semester in school, too, as the deadlines of reading and writing camped next to life's weekly activities. Beloved and favorite things were forfeited to achieve the deadlines.

This summer breeds a different pace. Busyness creeps in without invitation. But the look is more leisure, more relational, more spacious. Don't get me wrong, there are still things undone. There are relationships unattended. Mail unopened. But the experiences which fill my days lend to more contemplation, more air, hopefully more purpose.

It's one of the gifts of this change in season. I'm really grateful.
In other news, next week marks a trip back home for my nephew's wedding. Miraculously he walked away from a severe automobile accident this past Monday (he crashed and totaled his truck), en route to a hiking and camping excursion in Glacier national park. He has since been airlifted to a hospital, treated, and released to return to Seattle for further care. He could use additional miracles, though, to be completely well for his August 4 wedding. So yes, please pray for Jonathan.

Pix credit: Hildred's photo, Hawaii, June 2007
Jonathan and Amara, June 2006 this may be Hildred's photo too.


cindy said...

glad you are finding some room to breathe, friend!

hildred said...

i've missed your blogs, sweetie. can't wait to see you again next week!!!

Jewels said...

Have a good trip, Diana - it was fun to see you at the carnival...:)