14 July 2007


when women go away with women...there's things that happen.

Intense conversations and absolutely ridiculous ones.

It's so great.


Karla said...

what is that girl doing in the first pic? i just cannot figure it out.

Gracie said...

she has in false teeth (like gummy, candy teeth) and they keep falling out. (And they taste really gross.)

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I think the picture with the three of us needs an explanation too. People looking at the photo that don't know us might just think you have three friends that like to hang out together and all happen to have deformed mouths.

Gracie said...

wait, r u telling me u don't have deformed mouths? :-)
right. it's true. u were just being goofy and free spirited. check out a better photo on my 0717 post.