18 July 2007

more may be better

There is this part of my personality that i appreciate, that is, most of the time. it's the part of me that doesn't need to know everything. It's the part of me that doesn't freak out by not having all the information in advance. I can be a go with the flow kind of gal and not be stressed.

But i'm learning, there are moments when i simply should ask more questions. Sometimes other people help me through such situations. Like the time I decided God was calling me to serve/volunteer at a ministry in New Hampshire, but asked no questions about what the facility, or the weather conditions would be like. Thankfully, my friend Stephanie casually said one day, "Have you purchased a good pair of boots to take along? I saw some on sale..."
See, she had also volunteered at this ministry and it gets really, really, really muddy on "the hill" where we lived.

A few weeks ago I was talking with a former colleague in New Mexico who mentioned that their daughter would be in Grand Rapids for a few weeks and that they would be picking her up. I extended the invitation to stay at my house while they were in GR and it was accepted. Imagine my surprise when they called to say they were arriving a day early, and when they pulled up at my house they had three adults and five children in tow. Needless to say, a few more questions about WHO was coming may have been helpful.

But we survived. I like my couch.
Hopefully some of the kids liked the "slumber party" on my spare room floor.
No worries I suppose.

Oh the photo above, if you can make it out, is a really amazing spider that was a resident of Hawaii. My sister Jenni emailed it's specific name today. And for those of you who care, you should check out this link because the pictures and information are rather intriguing.

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