04 June 2007

wanting s'more

It may seem silly, ridiculous even, to see that my friends and I are creating smores using a stove top as opposed to an outdoor setting when the weather has been nothing short of inviting, begging even, for us to build a campfire.
None the less, here we are. It was simply too late to build a fire, so the stovetop sufficed.

It was my friend Beth, I think, who first started taking photos of fabulous looking food. And so I copy her, at least, I copy the idea. I'm quite caught up in how much beauty there is in food. Seriously, as with all of creation, God just didn't hold back.
And although the pleasure and the taste of the food cannot linger, the memory and the photo can remain.

You're sooo good, Father God.
I'm eager for more sunrises, and sunsets, and clouds, and flowers, and food and...


cindy said...

I am known to make s'mores most frequently in the microwave. 15 seconds to deliciousness. :o)

Gracie said...

i KNEW i liked you!!

Jewels said...

Gracie, You always wish you could be camping!

Gracie said...

hmmm. there IS a theme isn't there?