19 June 2007

random shots

...that have been accumulating the last several weeks...

My friend Barb and I met at a prayer conference in Colorado in 1999. I think we'd both testify that the event and the years since then distinctly formed and shaped our lives. She stayed with me last week to attend a prayer conference hosted by a church down the street from my work.

What do you give a Dad who has everything
for Father's Day?
The Absorber of course.
(BTW this is not my dad!!)

From a few weeks ago already...
"The" sandwich, at my friend's daughter's party.
Yes, it does have pickle relish spread on top.
And ever-so-shortly after eating that amazing-looking sandwich,
they indulged in the string game.

Ask me more about it some time as a device to give out gifts. My friend Robin is oh-so-clever!!

And speaking of Robin, check out the flowering tea she brought...
you've never seen anything like this!
It looks so obscure, innocent, bland even...
that is until the water transformed it.

Can anyone say Pirates of the Caribbean, or something? The weird thing is, what you can't tell from this photo is that this flower is in water, or actually, in tea water. It created the tea. And it was delicious tea. Bizarre. But good.

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Jewels said...

I don't know what an absorber is! That sandwich looks gross, and where did that tea thing come from?