27 June 2007


It seems strange to be in Hawaii. Seriously, this would not be my first choice for vacation (well, before arriving here that is). My sister Hildred vacationed in Hawaii twice so I'd definitely been intrigued by her pictures and stories.
(Hmm, perhaps this wasn't what I meant when I asked them to pose for a picture.)
The driving story is, my sister Carmen and her husband honeymooned in Hawaii 12 years ago. They wanted to return for their tenth anniversary, but, found it more a dream than a financial possibility. That is, until they won a Hawaii trip (all expenses paid) two years ago at a Christmas work party.

(Yes, my sister works at "the firm." One of the benefits of living in Fargo I suppose.) So they returned to Hawaii a few months after their 10th anniversary. (I thought that was a pretty sweet and generous gift and expression of God giving my sister the joy of her heart.)

On that trip, they explored one of those condo presentations and ended up becoming "an owner" here in Hawaii. They "sold us"
on this great idea that we could
celebrate Carmen's 40th birthday here.

Last night marked "the dinner."
(The birthday "girl's" meal pictured here for starters.)
Moments and conversations around meals land in the very significant category for our family. Until I left for college, nearly every Sunday afternoon at my parents house consisted of leisurely conversations around the dining room table. Family, friends, and the "stranger" who happened to visit our church joined us in that sacred space. Current significant birthdays and anniversaries, if possible, resemble that space.

Granted this whole week will mark a memory, but last night, especially, we celebrate gift of Carmen Faith! Maybe 40 isn't so bad after all?


dumela83 said...

yeah i still think you are in your late twenties/early forties

Gracie said...

ummm, thanks?
you know i'm not 40 yet, right?? but if i were, I guess it would be just fine.

dumela83 said...

hahaha i met to say late twenties/early thirties yeah i have always thought you were like 4 years old then me and i know you are not 40 yet