25 June 2007

slow and stop

Here's something about a bald head being beautiful:
when one smiles it shines across the face and really reflects off and radiates from the head.
Think of Mr Clean, people. You know what I'm saying.

Now, consider a Hawaiian surfer expressing his joy and passion about living in the slow and stop climate of Kona; particularly the six foot rule of his school time endeavors. (The six foot rule refers to the "policy" to hit the surf once the waves are greater than six feet--regardless if you're working or at school!) This is the pace of slow and stop. Road speed limits are 25 mph at best (except for the 55 mph of the highways) and drivers seem unwilling to engage the maximum limits. Locals say the volcanoes signal an eruption but usually take about 200 years to spew.

Thus we're living in the slow and stop lane.
One drinks in beauty there.
One breathes deeply sensing the movement of the oxygen extending life to cells.

One laughs leisurely, loudly, at undisturbed lengths,
and likely lingers over silly things.
Peace fans out from one fingertip
until one's whole body is wrapped in it;
the generosity and hospitality of it
becoming something both undoing and wholly embraced.
Perhaps that's why they named the place we're staying Paradaiso...

more later.
the waves, sun, and surf beckon.
Well, that and my sisters are here waiting to go for a walk!


Sabrina Robideau said...

Hi Diana! Rachel told me that you had a wonderful blog, and she was right! How are you? It has been so long since I've chatted with you last. I hope all is going well in your life! I'm planning a trip to Grand Rapids the end of July to visit Rachel. So hopefully I might be able to see you then! A little mini-Mansion reunion!

cindy said...

i must confess that i am jealous of you, my friend. your adventures and travels always sound so inviting. living vicariously through you...

Anonymous said...

geez. i forgot you were going to HAWAII! my word. hope you are having fun. it looks like you are. missing you,

beth said...

awwww....it looks awesome!!! Have soooo much fun and take tons of pictures!!!

Lori said...

Hi Diana!
You all look so relaxed and happy. Enjoy, live to the fullest, drink in all that God has for you there. I'm glad God has blessed you in this Paradiaso.

Jewels said...

Wow Diana, I didn't know you were going to Hawaii. Cool! Keep up the sister pix - it's always fun!

Gracie said...

hey Sabrina! I definitely want to see you!!! thanks for stopping at my blog. I'll look forward to catching up with you.