01 October 2006

my dad!!

Today is important. In fact, today is vital to my very existence. Here's why: it's my Dad's birthday!!!
Happy Birthday Dad!!! I celebrate him on this the anniverary of his very birth. I'm so glad he loved Jesus so much and wanted all of us to love Him too. I'm so glad he loves Mom well and models love for his wife and love for our family! I'm so glad God choose him to be my dad.
I love the way my Dad loves people and enjoys sharing laughter with people as he gets to know them. And although I don't always agree with everything he thinks, I do appreciate that he has firm opinions and enjoys sharing them. I like how Dad loves kids and is so patient with playing with them.

I like that he reads the Dutch newspaper on the internet and keeps up with football (soccer) around the world.
There are many other things I could say, but the truth is, I don't know if my Dad will ever read my blog. Thus, I'll have to phone in the rest of my thoughts. Happy Birthday anyway Dad!!


Jewels said...

Your Dad looks & sounds awesome! (Your mom, too) My old Dutch Dad actually started reading my blog and he loves it!

BTW, I love how you keep talking about the camping trip at church :)

White Rabbit said...

i'm thankful for your dad too, because you spent a lot of time playing hand-and-foot with him and now we play all the time. Oh, and Diana turned out to be a great kid. Happy b-day dad! Thanks for the legacy.

Gracie said...

yeah, he's a good guy, J. and really a lot of fun--hence the card games u mention K.
as to the camping trip, well, you know, fond memories, good times, great conversations, fun stories, they're worth repeating I think!!

jordan said...

Very glad to celebrate the father of our Diana.