15 October 2006


For all you pc lovers, this may not be a post you'll enjoy. But for mac lovers everywhere, read on. This weekend marked a most significant, auspicious occasion. This is the weekend that my lil computer met her brothers. (okay, is that quite ridiculous to one, decide that my computer could possibly be a male or female AND then decide that a computer might have siblings?) Well, who cares, just check out these pictures and you decide. By the way, the "family" is my cute white one, silver, the eldest, and the younger brother, the black one.

Even beyond meeting "siblings," I got some tips about even more splendid things that my lil computer can do. For instance, it has features called dashboard and expose. And you can set preferences on hot corners as to what applications or programs you want the corners to activitate. And yes, it's true, i can't even slightly tech speak. but if you were here right very now, I could show you how amazing this little machine really is.

And you know you're curious and interested. It's the same reason you love the mac/pc television commercials. You know you do. You know you laugh and wonder "have I seen this commerical?" and even call out to your (spouse? roommate? friend?) "hey, it's a new mac commercial. Come look..." or if you're really entertainment starved, you might even go to the website to download the latest commerical. Anyway, this computer is such a gift and it's entirely, completely fabulous.
You really should try one.


instamom said...

i like triplets, 'cept mine are not black, white, and silver.

Jewels said...

What are you doing?

cindy said...

i admit, i am addicted to my pc. i have a fancy see-through tower with a blue light. so there.

Gracie said...

ah friend cindy, it's only a matter of time. you'll see a different light. (who am I??? Oh yeah, an oh-so-delighted mac user.) :-)
julia-r u wondering what we're doin' in the photos with the sibs or??

Jewels said...

I'm wondering what you're doing with all those computer. Sounds fishy.

Gracie said...

Ah...I get it now Julia. They're not all mine. They are friends' computers and we were hanging out when we discovered we all had macs and so we took photos (you know, cuz I needed them for my blog!)