12 October 2006


Driving makes me rush. I don't know any other speed when i drive. Okay, you're right, I choose to rush. And sometimes, given wanting to make a time commitment, it seems rather acceptable and completely necessary. But even when i'm beyond on time (in other words early), I still rush.

And truthfully, it's not just the speed. I actually feel competitive with other drivers. (Have i blogged this before??) I'm that driver who speeds to pass the cars in the slow lane, but at the end of the day, I'm sitting at the red light beside the people I've just hurried to "overtake."

Hmmm, I'm thinking that this competitive, rushing behavior contributes to my "unwell" blood pressure readings. So, I'm identifying, for whatever it's worth...I'm a rusher. Sorry if you're the driver I'm racing beside...

pix credit: Beth, en route to Skye, Scotland 0705


White Rabbit said...

What i don't get is why people drive in the left lane if they're not going to go faster than the guy in the right lane.

It's not that i mind personally, but i think it's against the law, it being the passing lane and all, and i want to make sure we're all doing our best to be good citizens. :-)

cindy said...

i would be the person in the left lane tailgating you if you are going slow in it. and yet, i'm also the person that might do a brake check if you are tailgating me.

driving personalities are interesting.

Jordan said...

I know first-hand about this rushing...with this very driver!

Gracie said...

it's true, driving does provoke certain things in certain personalities. One of the things I find curious is people who don't care at all--about their speed, about people passing them, about pokey drivers in front of them, etc. They are completely oblivious. It's somewhat alluring to me but also completely disarming. I can't seem to kick the whole "hmm, the van in front of me is blocking my vision. If I increase my speed a bit and slip around the van, I'll be free and clear (in the lead)."
I know. There's places for people like me!