29 September 2006

Katrina Joanne and Georgia Grace

Just last Thanksgiving, these two glorious girls were dressing up at their house in Fargo.

By far the most beautiful girls in the world, as anyone in my family will agree, Kate and Georgia were born on this very day.
Kate born eight!! years ago,
and Georgia born five!!! years ago.

I cannae believe it.
They are delightful. They never cease to amaze me with their curiousity and their care. Here they display their imagination and their dancing ability taken in my very living room last summer. (Dancing with the Stars, Kate's favorite show, watch out!!!)

Oh yes, sometimes they display human qualities like selfishness or inconsideration. but it's so rare. i mostly forget (well, yes, that and the fact that they live in faraway Fargo).
(And aren't they cute making these silly faces alongside their cousin Nate?)
So, Happy Birthday dear nieces. You represent grace and hope and joy in this world.

Pix credit: Hildred. She captures them well!


Jewels said...

Cute and fun girls!!! Happy Birthday! They share the same b-day as my high school geometry teacher. Pretty cool.

karen said...

You have a niece named Katrina? I had no idea. I've never actually known another Katrina. Very cool.

Oh, and Happy birthday to both girls!

karla said...

i just went back and read this now. cute, cute girls. i don't remember knowing that they had the same birthday.

jordan said...

Kate and Georgia are absolutely precious!

Gracie said...

Yep, it's fun and rather amazing that they share a birthday. In my sister's little church in fargo, they had three families that had siblings born on the same day, several years apart--not all September 29 of course. (Statistically that's really amazing odds!)