03 October 2006

time keeps on ticking

so yesterday was my very birthday. yep, i was born the day after my dad, so naturally I'm his favorite, (RIght, Dad?) And I love parties...but I didn't have much energy to plan.

No worries. People just came and hung out.
I love that. I love the gift of people's company. (Okay, technically, that picture was taken when we went camping a few weeks ago, and there were actually MORE fun people at my house last night. But, this gives you some idea.) Mostly I love it b/c most of my friends live WAY across town and so visiting my house means they drive a few miles. And we could share life together for a few hours. And eat delicious food (like homemade salsa, and brownies, and watermelon, and pita chips with pesto, and broccoli salad). And share fun stories. And entertain kids, er, okay, well, be entertained by them.

Somehow, all the above helps me feel like I'm not getting so old afterall...well, at least for one evening. :-)


Anonymous said...

You know how to throw a party! It was a great night with a mix of friends- and I echo the great food-yummy chix, bread, homemade salsa (wonder how the kids are doing after that??)rockin' brownies w ice cream and all the other goodies. Hope you were blessed by celebrating you and doing a surprise party in reverse- hee hee we're silly. And no, were're not getting older, just enjoying and appreciating the time we all are having togeter more- Honored to have celebrated you, with you -

karla said...

i like you. you are good. really, you are.
happy birthday.
love you tons.

White Rabbit said...

The last time we were camping, i ran into a group of older or should i say, more mature adults. i began to ask them how they all came to know one another. They said they all met at church many years back. They spent a lot of time with each other since then, but hadn't done this camping thing in a while, which use to be a tradition. So they decided to get together again.

i was thinking Monday night how we're beginning to form something like that. It's a good thing to share lives together. We all act as sort of a witness and a testiment for another.

Gracie said...

thanks friends! u really bring richness to my life!!
regarding mon nights, white rabbit, i think we've been really blessed to have the commitment and largely regular attendance from so many great people. I mean, yes, we've had to have a few conversations challenging people about priorities, but for the most part, people show up. it says a lot about you guys and your hospitality. it says something about our desire for community and commitment to relationships. And well, maybe the good food we usually put out helps, too. I know i'll be blessed if it continues for a while yet and hope God continues to show us how to walk our journeys together in ways that please Him and grow each other.