07 September 2006

Are we crazy? Camping again!

It's true. After living to tell the tale of 10 inches in five hours, we're headed camping again. To the same place. This weekend. Hopefully we won't be singing "the foolish man built his house upon the sand..." and adding this verse, "and camped in the same campground two weeks after the flood..." for several hours cramped together in one tent. (Check out Beth's recent recollection of our previous experience. It's great.)But if it does rain, well, I truly like these people. I delight in spending time with them. We'll survive. And we'll dry. The promise of getting away from it all is too lovely and too lulling to not risk the elements.

So tune in next week for all the reports... :-)

Grace and peace to you this weekend!

(Pix credit: Julia, church camping weekend, 081906)

1 comment:

Jewels said...

You are nuts, but I knew that already :)