05 September 2006

sometimes someone else just believes it

Do you ever experience pangs of doubt such that you wonder if God cares and if what you're doing bears any significance in His kingdom at all? It's been a "hey God, I have this question about what u're doing..." couple of days for me. It's crazy, really, that I have the audacity and arrogance to question Him about things in my life and in the lives around me. But doesn't He invite such relationship and conversation? Isn't that a piece of what friendship with God is all about?

Today I had this amazing conversation. It was work related and it was on the topic of spiritual formation. I was looking forward to the interaction with this person over lunch. But the conversation surprised me. It was less about work and more about "what is God teaching you about the work and power of the Holy Spirit?" Another super cool and completely uncanny thing I love about God is how He connects dots. (hmm, yes, perhaps they're always connected, but I just don't have eyes to see the connection, or something...) Several of the things I've been asking God this person also asked of God. Answers to questions received by someone else holds faith in balance for me. Perhaps you might relate, if you ever doubt something, and someone else experiences something that addresses that doubt, even if you don't receive a direct personal answer, just knowing someone else believes it (and often has lived through it), the journey feels richer and more hopeful. That's the grace of the day for me. Still questioning. But holding on to faith of another.

And just one more praise, did anyone notice incredible clouds today? Like seriously forming, storming, dissolving, brooding, whimsical, playful, amazing kinds of formations and clouds? At least here in Michigan? God, u're really good!! Thanks.

(Photo credit: Beth, Scotland trip 2005)


Jewels said...

Yes, I can totally relate to those indirect answers, but I missed the cool clouds!

dcz said...

You are amazing Gracie! I love your heart and ability to listen for God. I too often listen only in the thunder, but you bless me by reminding me that God's softest whisper brings us the deepest desires of our heart. Keep listening.

Gracie said...

Julia, sorry u missed them. Today had some lovely ones too!
Danell!!! thanks for visiting. Talk to you soon, hopefully.

Jewels said...

I saw some cool clouds today and then rain came out of them.