19 September 2006

conversing over cars

Several years ago, before i moved to where i currently live and purchased my home, i remember praying and thinking about who my neighbors might be. At the time of those prayers, my zeeland dwelling, a rental, was housed in a great neighborhood, with very interesting characters. (In fact, i recalled recently how when i was unpacking my boxes to move into my cute lil zeeland house, a neighbor came over to introduce himself and see if he could help in any way. when i peered over a box to "make his acquaintance" i realized we'd already met. b/c we had dated in what seemed like a previous life. random! but i digress...)

Currently, i don't see my neighbors much, but when I do, it's often in our garage (four separate doors but shared space inside). Either over the cars, or at our "inside" doors, my neighbors reveal details about their lives, some seemingly significant ("my daughter moved out this weekend and is getting a divorce..."), and other things simply informative ("we'll be out of town the next few days visiting...").

In a recent garage chat, one neighbor disclosed both financial anxieties and grave health concerns with her parents. These are heavy burdens. And so I asked, "can i pray with you about these things right now?" And we did. And now I'm waiting (and likely she is, too) to see and hear how God is moving in response to those prayers.

In the midst of that, however, i wonder, does prayer "work" the same? do I pray to God my provider with the same expectation for my neighbor as I hold for myself and for others who profess Jesus as Lord and believe in the promises of scripture? Hmmm.

Regardless, I'm curious how God has moved. Perhaps it's time for another carside conversation...

pix credit: i actually took this photo of Gillian, our wee Scottish pal, in our rental car last summer, on our way to the island of Skye, Scotland. Not quite a garage photo, but it's the best car photo I could find on short notice.


Jewels said...

Hey, I thought I commented on this! You sound like an awesome neighbor, Gracie, and that's an interesting question you posed.

cindy said...

I love your musings...

Because prayer doesn't have anything to do with the how-tos and who-dos of life, I'd say prayer works the same. I expect God to move the same for my believing friends as He does for my nonbelieving friends because He loves us.

Which leads to a bigger question: are we really listening/watching? Or is God shouting "can you hear me now?!?"