17 January 2009


Last Friday night, the night before I was leaving for Philly, I nearly didn't sleep. I felt so completely sick in my stomach. As a result, i almost didn't go to Philly. But my Mom always taught me to get up and take a shower, even when u feel sick, and see if that helped. I felt a wee bit better so I came. (Hooray!)
However, I'm not right.
It's the oddest thing.
I won't give you all the details, but it's been a week now and my stomach is not right.
I'm engaging in class and life here but not to the fullest.
I'm not eating "normally" for fear that certain things will trigger something.

So last very night, on the phone with B, he walks through my symptoms on some website (aren't we so glad we can self-diagnose these days?) and wonders with me if I might be having an attack related to my appendix.
I groaned b/c I really don't want appendicitis, of course, nor to be treated away from home.
But I'm not better. (Incidentally, has anyone out there had an appendix "flare up" in any way? Please convey your story!)

So...I'm off to shower (thanks Mom!) and see what the day holds.
Maybe a trip to a med center?

Prayers are most welcome if you're speaking to Papa today.


Sabrina said...

That's no fun! I will be praying for you... Hopefully you are just struck with the love bug. :)

I'm so corny!

Take care!

Cindy said...

no appendix flare up here but the gallbladder thing was less than pleasant. a bad appendix is nothing to mess around with. get to a med center just to be sure. love you!!!

Brown Eyed Girl said...

My thought is to go to the doctor. Have a friend that was in a great deal of pain and discomfort for about a week and appendix finally burst. Surgery is harder and recovery is harder after the appendix burst.

Rachel said...

Oh! No! Scott's appendix bursts when he was 8 and he was in the hospital for almost a week recovering. I don't mean to scare you but he almost died! When he complained to his mom in the middle of the night she kept telling him to go back to bed...that it was probably just gas! Poor little guy, huh? I hope you have gone to the doc already and that you are feeling better...please keep us posted and let me know if you need anything once you are back in town.

jeanie said...

I had my appendix out 12 years ago. I wish I had known last week I would have told you all about it. I was so sure it was not my appendix, as I did not have any pain on my right side but after an MRI I was rushed into surgery. I hope you have gone to the doctor dear friend. Praying for you! I feel sad you were not feeling well last week. Your smile was just a bright as always!

Gracie said...

thanks, all. I really appreciate your comments. I definitely want to avoid my appendix bursting if this is indeed related.
My doctor told me to give it another week--if things are still "not right" next Monday, or if something flares up during the week, I was told to hit the ER. So... we'll see. It could be so much worse, but, it's still not quite right. Weird!