19 January 2009

things the media doesn't tell me (us)

I first "met" Tony Campolo way back when in college. Maybe you have experienced Tony's evangelistic heart in a college setting. He definitely is among those who "spur others on toward love and good deeds." I remember praying about whether I should attend "mission year" in Philadelphia, or how I could interact with Tony's ministry.

It has been interesting to read about Tony through the years. He is often described as a left wing, off the charts, outspoken evangelical, among other, not very pleasant titles. He was criticized for giving council to our former US president, Bill Clinton. Honestly, within most "evangelical" circles, he doesn't get much "good" press. That in itself is a post I can't take on today.

But I must say this. Tony dearly loves Jesus. And he loves the church as God called the church to be. AND he loves America, even if he doesn't appreciate all the policies and actions of the country. I appreciated the opportunity to hear his heart and hang out with him last week. Despite what is reported, despite the ways things are reported in an effort to divide leaders and the church, he is a red-letter Christian. I may not agree with everything about this dear man, but I believe his heart and his motivation.

Health update: I didn't get the med center in Philly for a variety of reasons. I have it slated as a tomorrow activity when I get back to GR as I'm still dealing with this low grade stomach (abdomen?) pain. Thanks for your prayers and well wishes!


Anonymous said...

Diana, are you okay? Alli had her appendix out in Mexico on a mission trip. Boy did that suck for Ginger and I. Love ya, Jack.

Hey too, the media doesn't tell you lots of things and most of what they tell you is wrong! :-)

White Rabbit said...

i was so excited when i saw the picture of you with Tony. i did a double take and thought, "is that Tony?"

Tony is one of my personal heroes. i have three different programs on itunes where i can listen to him speak and i read everything i can get ahold of. He's an amazing fellow, and you couldn't overstate the fact that he has a passion for Christ.

We will certainly be praying for healing for this stomach ailment!

Jewels said...

Hey Gracie - I hope and pray you are feeling better right now! I'll keep you in my prayers for sure.