15 January 2009


We're sitting at the feet of Tony Campolo and Shane Claiborne this very week here in Philly. It's unsettling in the best way.

Here are a few challenges Shane tossed our way tonight:

How can we worship a homeless man on Sunday and ignore one on Monday?

Stop complaining about the church we experienced and start living the church we’ve been dreaming of.

Are we willing to take the worst pair of shoes and deform our feet?
(In reference to working with Mother Teresa who did that very thing so that she did not have better shoes than anyone else around her.)

Don’t give your worst clothes to charity. Give the things we think we can’t live without.

The best thing to do with the best things in life is to give them away.

And that folks, well,
those comments and much much MUCH more are giving me much pause.

How we live....how we view and interact with the poor
...how we treat creation...how we love...just to name a few,

these are the things God looks at. How are things looking for you and me?


Karen said...

Wow. I'm totally jealous of you getting to interact with Shawn Claybourne! Awesome.

Lori said...

I was just emailing Karla/Evergreen about things like this. My head says I'm open to the ultimate giving, but my heart sees the sacrifce it requires and asks "is this really what God requires of me?"
I think often the answer is Yes. Very challenging. That's one area that our poor economic situation has brought to many of our lives. Growing edges.....

Lana Baker said...

We miss you,first of all. I'm so glad you are having a glorious experience there, secondly! Last, and most importantly, these questions you ask, these values and acts of selflessness and sacrifice and being profoundly related in this world is really the sort of stuff we should be focused on rather than American Idol and some of the other floof that occupies our brains most of the time!

Sabrina said...

Hi Diana...

So exiting that you got to hear shane speak. I read his book last summer and it was very inspiring and disturbing (in a good way) Made me do a lot of thinking!!!

ANyway, I was really inspired by one of the things you quoted on this post that shane said.
So I wrote something over on a blog I guest write for here:

Thanks for the inspiration via your time with Shane! :)