03 December 2006

right responses 2?

so today at church, a friend of mine attempted to talk to me about my job situation. and perhaps i was misreading her discomfort, but i've come away analyzing the conversation thinking, geez, no matter what was spoken, it was a no win situation for her. She tried to offer sympathy, and I didn't really want that. And then when she tried to say that I was on a new and exciting adventure, well, I didn't really agree with that either. and then, when she was joking with me about needing to control the placement/location of food for our potluck and I said something like "yeah, well, i want to control something..." truthfully, light seconds after that she walked away. And i understand.

How does one respond??? I would never pretend that there is some manual of right or wrong responses. I haven't found good ones yet myself, obviously. So, sorry J! Please forgive me as I don't even really know how to react or respond as I've never been in this situation before.

That said, i'm thinking this might get to be a rather tired subject to blog about, that is, my job situation, so please forgive me and bear with me (or obviously don't read or comment for a long while and I'll likely get the hint...) but I have a feeling these posts may be part of my "dealing" with this aspect of life.

But can I say all that, to ironically admit that another conversation at church, where amazingly grace did reinhabit my spirit, or something, another friend was talking about his week and the lessons God was teaching him. And I realized how much of what he was saying was completley applicable to me. And I even muttered something akin to, "you know, it's so often not about the end result, it's how we respond, isn't it??"

Arghhhh, seriously, i've got to get better at the response.
perhaps it's time for bed to start over on a new day??

in other news, friend J also asked if I had a picture with all my sisters. She has 3 sisters, too, so it's fun to compare. Here's one from this past June: we're sitting in birth order, sort of, with the older two behind us younger ones. BR: Jenni, the oldest on the right, then Hildred, FR: Carmen, then me on the left. (or perhaps that's confusing, pure left 2 right: jenni, carmen, hildred, diana.) Six years apart from Jenni to me.


Jewels said...

Hi Diana,

Cool picture!! That must be a great memory for you.

I always seem to learn the most indirectly, too. Tell that friend J to stay out of your face. lol

bon said...

Hey friend- I can't imagine what you're experiencing and knowing that you've never been in this position before, it's no wonder you haven't found the "right" response yet, maybe the "right" one won't ever come, but I'm not doubting that you will continue to search for grace from our dear Friend Jesus and He will guide you. Easy for me to say, but hopefully you know my heart for you and that I believe in you and in your faith that has been built for this time. I want the best for you and I really would like to fix it too, but I know He is in control of this and has something in mind for you. I must say it wouldn't been in my plan for you to be a street person, you can always live with me!

karen said...

You look a LOT like your sister Carmen! At least, in that picture you do.

We have 4 girls in our family too. But then we were joined by 2 boys, so it's not exactly the same. :)

White Rabbit said...

Yeah, totally with you on that right response thing. i suck at it. i do better at the corrective response, which basically means the first response is compeletely rediculous and faithless, while the follow-up is finally coming to terms and beginning to seek God slowly and eventually resting in him after a much longer period of time.