14 December 2006

restored grace

Grace arrived broken.

That is, in October, I received a birthday gift from my sisters (the word GRACE), and unfortunately, despite their careful packaging, grace arrived broken. So it sat on my table at home for several weeks. I put the pieces in place, and they'd tumble out of alignment, demonstrating their brokenness. I didn't tell my sisters, actually, not wanting to spoil their thoughtful and gracious gift.

Eventually, I brought it to work, because I knew a handy co-worker would tell me what to do. And he did. I wrote down his suggestions and intended to put "grace" back together. Still grace remained broken.

And then, Wednesday, after being out of the office for a few days, I noticed, Grace. And I knew, Grace was repaired in love by Jack. I notice the cracks in some places, but others are undetectable.

A new gift of Grace. I'm so thankful.

Jack also emailed me these words this morning:

One of the reasons that I was interested in repairing your
"Grace" is that I am convinced that there is no more
beautiful noun in the English language (I'm excluding proper nouns).

That name to me as the best Elder I ever served with urged me
to be sure to preach the grace of God. That got me to thinking about it.

Grace is love, with the special idea: though we do not deserve it
we are loved anyway. Its root is in the One who loves us. Thus
we may be sure of it. I hope I can keep on in my soul to be
amazed: there is grace for me..... Amazing grace, expensive grace,
everlasting grace.

And for you.

I am thankful you are under his grace. And I pray that you keep on
in that hope and confidence and assurance.

In His grace,

Thanks be to God for friends like Jack. And for the ways God shows and restores love and grace in our lives. May we be faithful as we receive this grace and share it with others. Be glorified Abba!


Jewels said...

What a great friend he is!

jordan said...

I know this friend of Gracie's. He has preached in my church a few times. And when he prays, I find myself peeking to see if Jesus might be standing right next to him! Yup, some day, I'm going to be like Jack.

cindy said...

i miss him. i miss his daily encouragement but most of all, i miss seeing that amazing grace reflected in the wonderful person God made him to be.

and while i long to grow up and be just like jack, i know he would tell me that i should be more like Jesus.

humble, amamzing, funny, handy, gracious, loving servant. our jack is definitely a one of a kind.

jordan said...

Agreed, Cindy--about how Jack would point us to Jesus.

To be like Jack IS to be like Jesus though.

Maybe some day we, too, will so reflect Jesus, that it will be hard to tell the one apart from the other.

Now there's a goal.Transformation, from the inside out.

Regretfully, I'm not anywhere close to that destination this week.

Thank God for His grace.