18 December 2006

peeves, pop, and a celebration

I'm away on my final work trip...at least, unless things drastically change in the next few days. And at dinner tonight, something struck a chord with me. The restaurant manager stopped to inquire about our meals and phrased her comments like this, "Hello. I'm the manager. I just wanted to stop by and make sure that things are okay. You're satisfied with our service and the food, correct?"

Perhaps a person could analyze my motivation, and that's likely a whole different post. But my peeve is that I don't appreciate being forced into a response.

it's the same way I react when I ask someone, "How are you?" and they respond, "Good. You too?"
I'm not sure how to name this aversion. Perhaps my best attempt is that when someone says, "you too?" I feel like they don't really want an honest response. Their posture doesn't invite originality or even transparency, but rather expects a normative, programmed response. And at the expense of sounding slightly schizophrenic, I'm not identifying this because I always offer an honest response to the "how are u?" question. But I do want permission to respond with what's on my heart.
anyway, enough said. It's not really that important but maybe someone out there knows whutimean.

In other news, I'm currently watching an HBO special featuring Bono and The Edge, and they're just dead cool. (Please say with irish or scottish accent. Much greater effect.) They communicate a remarkable message through rhythm, lyrics, friendship, melodies, harmonies, activism, priorities, etc. Pretty unpredictable and often unpretentious heroes.

And lastly, I want to honor a friend who celebrated his birthday last week. He doesn't want fame and glory. But he truly is a hero in how he lives. I respect his honest expression of faith. I appreciate the way he pursues Christ. His blog entries provoke hundreds of responses partially because he opens up space to question and ponder why we do church the way we do, among other things. He seeks to live fully for God but not without question and or struggle. And he and his wife are some of my favorite parents. They're raising some of my favorite kids (yes, their children) with integrity and grace and truth. And although my words can't do justice, I do want to celebrate the anniversary of his birth. Happy Birthday K!

photo credit: Beth, 0906


beth said...

I love Bono and The Edge!!!! They do completely ROCK! :) (as if I even needed to really tell you this- I just can't help it!!!)

jordan said...

I'm "smok'n what you're roll'n" (as one of my friends would say) about being forced into an answer. I too often honestly answer the question, "How are you?" or "How are you feeling?" But, ya know, people really expect you to just say "fine." It's just easier for them.

I'm thinking up some replacement answers to "fine" that are workable for both them and me.

I also am noting that "fine" is NOT a feeing.

White Rabbit said...

Thanks for the nice things you said. i like that pic too. Hope this last week is treating you well.

cindy said...

i was told by my high school english teacher that "how are you?" is nothing more than a greeting like "hi." no one cares...just answer "well" and move on. it was a harsh reality for a 17 year old but i'm shocked to discover how true it is.

and the photo is pure dead brilliant!