23 November 2006

Thanks for giving...

An incredibly full and abundant life:

-for life, and the ability to play and live in the freedom of God's love
-for Jesus, for choosing to leave heaven, embrace human life, endure horrific death, and for overcoming death to usher us in to life

-for family who love Jesus and encourage me to do the same; for parents, sisters, brothers in law, nephews, nieces, and family yet to come

-for the imagination to create Thanksgiving day floats with nieces year after year (stayed tuned for forthcoming 2006 pix)
-for friends who welcome me into their homes, families, lives, and inspire me to follow after God with all my heart
-for freedom to post my love for Jesus and love for family and friends without fear

-for the tradition of eating turkey and all the fixings...we want for nothing
-for the opportunity to serve Jesus in a church and at a job in a way that partners with His kingdom plans
-for the privilege of hearing God's voice and being assured that we are His beloved children
-for the continual reminder that we can trust God for His best
Want to add anything to this not even slightly exhaustive list??


Anonymous said...

Amen to all of that! Glad to hear of your great thanksgiving day.

karla said...

cute cute kids. what are they doing, exactly? did i miss it?

Gracie said...

Two things, actually. The first picture is with their friend Micah, and they were doing a fashion show for us with their fun dress up clothes. The other picture, where I join them, is when they started to "build" a float for the parade reenactment. Slightly different than what B and Z might do, huh!

cindy said...

thanks, Lord...for a life better than we deserve!!

Gracie said...

Amen to that Cindy!!