10 November 2006

send your rain

Just a few years ago (I'm in denial about the actual number), I moved to Michigan. I learned about seasonal affective disorder [(SAD) refers to a mood disorder in which a person has depression that worsens in the fall and winter, when the amount of sunlight per day lessens]. I recall newspaper headlines claiming "Record 15 days without measurable sunshine..." and other such reports. Just the fact that they record and report the days without sun made me a bit depressed. I wanted to deny the existence of such a disorder, but, somewhere along the road, I've observed that I AM affected by the sunshine or lack there of.

Related to that, often, is precipitation levels and types. Although I don't have the statistics on hand, I've been told that West Michigan has as many grey days as my home Seattle, without the reputation of being a rainy area. I've also heard that W Michigan actually receives MORE rain than Seattle, certainly in inches and accumulation b/c the rain in Seattle resembles a mist, where W Michigan is often a downpour.

So I'm en route to my childhood home in Seattle. And they've had more rainfall then in 15 years my own very Mom reports. And it's the type of significant soaking such that areas are at risk for flooding and other damage.

Hmmm, somehow, when I cry out for God to send rain this is not the image that I've pictured.
Still, I'm longing for deep, saturating renewal and revival personally, for our churches, for our nation, and for our world. So I'll persist in calling out: "Send your rain..."


Anonymous said...

Have a good trip to Seattle - I hope you get the kind of "soaking" you need!

Gracie said...

thanks, Julia. The first few hours have been good already (and the rain did let up a bit this afternoon)!! See u in a few weeks.

karla said...

hey you.
miss you.

karla said...

i just want you to know that i just had yet another airhead moment. i have just read and typed those stupid word verification letters SIX times, wondering why it wasn't letting me comment, even though i was painstakingly careful to get each letter correct, when i realized i had been typing the letters in the password box, instead of the word verification box. geez.