24 November 2006


I wouldn't say that I'm someone who holds to a ton of traditions. But the more I contemplate it, the more fond traditions I seem to recall. One such tradition is traveling to Fargo for Thanksgiving. This is likely my eighth year in Fargo.

And for the last two years, my nieces have been enamored with the parade. Thus, in the grand tradition of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade, Katrina Joanne and Georgia Grace created their own float.
Here are a few pictures of their festivities.

(They are wearing flower girl dresses from a wedding of their neighbor friend Leah from the summer of 2005)...and just to allow comparisions from the photos of 2005, here's a similar picture from a year ago.

I'm not sure if you significant differences are that visible, really, because they are beautiful girls, no matter what year it is!!


Jewels said...

I wondered where you were! It actually looks sunny there.

See ya!

Gracie said...

Yep, Fargo actually gets quite a bit of sun. It's been the warmest thankgiving I can remember in my visits here to Fargo. I should see you this week if u're around!