15 August 2006

unexpected grace

There are planned moments; necessary, satisfying, productive, obligatory. Other moments develop unexpectedly. It's not that one is better than the other. They just are. So last weekend I spent helping my sister with final packing before she moved out of Illinois to begin her internship in Fargo, North Dakota. (Please, I know all the Fargo jokes. And if u know me at all, you know another sister, and my nieces, live in Fargo. That's enuf of a reason to live in Fargo, not that I'm moving there anytime soon.)

That was the expected part of the weekend. What surprised me was the community experienced while with my sister and the family she's living with. I don't often get the privilege of "living" with a family. So the dynamics of sibling interactions provoke laughter and at moments complete shock. Here's the thing, I grew up with three sisters, in a family of four girls. This family had four boys. Our activities include sports, at school, but also practicing for violin, piano, etc. This house, of mostly boys, if this weekend was any indication, included all four boys wrestling, (and literally wrestling b/c they all competed in wrestling in high school), breaking through the screen in a screened porch, and eventually landing one of the four boys (the youngest, i'm sad to say) in the pool
Is it me, or is that just one of the beauties of how boys are different than girls???

Fantastic family, though. The love of God is in them for each other and for the world. What a great environment to dwell in for a few days. As soon as I figure out how to post pix, i'll upload one or two from the weekend...but now I need to catch up with some other things.
Grace and peace to you!!

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Jewels said...

After growing up in a family of 4 girls, it was a great surprise to see how different boys are - even from birth!