24 August 2006

graceless conversation

i remembered today, that the first day of my blog, (is that pathetic that I'm tracking time by when I started my blog?) I had this crazy conversation at work. Someone had misinterpreted an email I had sent. With great intentions they quickly invited someone into a conference call. And my first reaction was pathetic and nearly over the top. I'm recalling I said something like this, "What? She invited her into the conference call???? That's not what I wanted. I think she's ruining my life!"

Now, I'm banking that someone else out there exhibits some ridiculous overreactions like the above. (Why do we rejoice when others are as complicated and/or depraved as we are??) But I wonder, will the day arrive when I respond in patience and grace instead of in panic and judgment? Oh please give me hope. I don't think "calgon, take me away" can solve this one.

1 comment:

Jewels said...

I can't even imagine you responding like that!

That is a good way to think of over-reacting - as graceless.