30 August 2006

Credit where credit is due

I need to come clean. Again. I love pictures. I especially love pictures of things I've seen with my very own eyes, or of places where I've traveled, or of people that I love. But I don't take many pictures. In fact, I don't even know where I last put my camera. (I suppose it might turn up when I clean my bedroom).

Many explanations, or likely excuses spring to mind about the picture thing. The best I can offer is that I hang out with really excellent photographers. Really. My friend Beth is one of the best I know, AND she has really good cameras. My sister Hildred also possesses a great eye and captures incredible moments through her cameral lens. Cindy, another fabulous photographer, is also a great friend. I just discovered how good a co-worker of mine is behind the camera. (Way to go Tom. I'm impressed.) A new friend, Julia, also contributes to my appreciation for good photographers because of some fun and stunning photographs she's shared. And Karla, despite her busy life, often impresses me with her eye and the things she finds time to capture on film. And then there's John's photographic art. And Karen, And Juanito. See, the list just grows.

Which leads me to my point: credit. Thus far, all the photos on my blog are from other people. Those named above. And likely, that's where my pictures will continue to come from. So it's best I admit it now. And offer them necessary credit. You guys are great. Your photos rock. So, thanks. You deserve credit and honor and respect and fame. Yes. When u're famous, perhaps people will remember that they saw your work on my lil blog. Ya think? Well. I'll at very least give u credit. We'll start with that!!!
(For the record, today's pix is one of my sister Hildred's offerings, from our parents yard in Seattle last summer. Glorious!)


Jewels said...

Hydrangeas are awesome!

Gracie said...

Aren't they the best?? I love how they are different colors based on the soil they're planted in. We have such an amazing Creator!!

cindy said...

wow! i'm all shades of famous and all i do is point and click. :o)