22 August 2006

rattle and hum

Confessions: my car has been rattling so loudly and consistently that I've been embarassed to drive it. How pathetic is that? There were moments I had my music up so loud in my denial that my car needed repair. Of course I couldn't ignore the stares from my other drivers, pedestrians, not to mention my passengers. But I tried. I attempted to pretend that I didn't notice the stares OR the relentless rattle.

What drives my pattern of pretense and denial? It isn't the grace and knowledge that I'm a precious child of God, with an eternal identity. It's the obsession with pride and some arrogrant and ignorant belief that what my car sounds like really matters, or what people think of me matters. Yuck. Anyone else interested in shedding some of that rubbish? (Or am I the only who struggles with this?)

Lord, may we have the grace to live and view ourselves through your eyes and your truth.


beth said...

hee, hee! your title for today made me smile :) and, yup, I care what people think too much sometimes. good reminder.

Maeghan said...

Hi! I'm Maeghan from Julia's blog :) Good post you have there - a really good reminder because I myself sometimes care too much what others think of me. I always have to kick myself and then get on with life - not easy but has to be done.

Keep up with your blogging - I am quite new at it myself considering.

God bless!

White Rabbit said...

i wonder if our denial and false presentations are like the clothes the first humans wore in order to cover their shame.

cindy said...

hmmmm. such an interesting post. i'd like to say that i don't care one bit what people think about me but that would be denial with a capital "d." great musing my friend!

Gracie said...

Beth, i picked this title thinking of you.
Maeghan, your name sounds Irish, but guessing from your blogs, you're not!! Thanks for stopping by. I've heard great things about you from Jewels. Fun. Praise God!!
K, I think ur wonderment definitely relates. the cover up theme is part of our fleshly dna, if that's possible.
Cindy!!! u're too much truth to deny too much, in my observation. And i like that about u. :-)
thanks for all the input friends!