27 October 2008

to vote or not to vote

Recently a friend's seven year old asked me who I wanted to be president. Interesting question. I considered the reality that I will vote for someone, but there are many days I'm not sure either candidate is who I want leading our country.

In hanging out with some friends recently, a couple of them said they were so undecided about who to vote for that they were considering not voting.
The statement horrified me.
"You must vote," I insisted.
"Women previously did not have the right to vote," I argued,
"they fought for that right."
As if voting now fulfills the fight for the privilege of voting.

Still, I couldn't let it go.
"Just chose something," I pleaded...

But the question lingered. If you do not feel supportive of or drawn toward either candidate, do you vote? Does not voting symbolize something? Do you chose a certain issue and make that your basis for voting? Do you have a responsibility to vote? What is communicated if you remain silent?

Any responses out there?


Karen said...

I think that NOT voting just to "make a point" doesn't really work. If everyone actually voted, it might be a statement, but i think that there is a large percentage of people out there who simply don't vote...just because. They forget or they don't care or they're just too lazy.

If you don't vote, you'll probably get lumped into the "too lazy" category in the minds of politians everywhere.

If you really don't like either candidate and don't want to vote for either, then at least go cast your vote for Ralph Nader or the Green party or something.

Jewels said...

Gorgeous leaves - that's my vote!!
Write it in.

No really, I will go vote.

hildred said...

i'm with karen. unfortunately, i think there are some people out there who are just pretty apathetic. one other comment: if you don't vote, don't complain. you had a chance to exercise your voice and chose not to. i know that sounds like a hard line, but ... DO something if you're dissatisfied!

Cindy said...

i agree with hildred. a person has no right to complain or even talk about anyone elected to office if they didn't make their voice heard in the first place.

it's not hard. get on michiganfamily.org, research the candidates, and pick the one who most closely aligns with your beliefs.

people fought hard for the right to vote. it is a civic duty and a privilege.

Gracie said...

I was reading a blog about this earlier today (I sent the link to J) and found it interesting that a few of those who commented declared they were not going to vote. Likely such a stance happens every election. I don't suspect those folks are lazy, although, I agree, people might perceive them as such.

J-thanks, I think those colors are just fabulous!

H-there is truth to not being able to offer complaint for something u did not participate in!

Thanks for your comments.

Gracie said...

C-sorry friend, I missed your comment. There are definitely resources available, aren't there? I think in the case of these particular friends, they were overwhelmed with knowing what to believe or not believe.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I don't believe my dad ever voted in his lifetime. Since he died at 40 I don't know if things would have changed later in his life or not. He didn't vote but he also said that he didn't complain about what happened or didn't happen politically.

I sort of follow along with my dad. Though I always have voted in presidential elections I have come to a point in my life where I don't feel that compelled to vote.

If I choose not to vote I also am choosing not to complain. I don't need to have someone tell me all the reasons why I should vote. A reason I heard once was that I should vote because I am Christian. Does my future with Christ depend on whether or not I cast my vote? If that is the case then I had a roommate go so far to ask me how I could call myself a Christian and vote for a democrat. Again, I wonder what God thinks about all of that?

I try to avoid conflict especially in conversation. So, I am probably not going to debate someone now or after this election on what the president is doing or not doing.

Will I vote? I really am not sure. I don't know that I feel more strongly for one candidate over the other. In this case I am more inclined to ask myself if I should vote. It is a personal choice that I get to make.

This year I may be voting not to vote.