11 October 2008

B's birthday

Here are a few shots of the birthday boy
walking through a wall of streamers as he
gets surprised by an impromptu party.

Sometimes a person can only wait so long
before melted wax morphs into the frosting. (Perhaps this is what happens when you need too many candles on your cake?) :-)

How do you fake a surprised face like this? It is truly fun to watch someone open a gift when they're not expecting it.

I appreciate that birthdays provide the opportunity
to reflect on the gift of a person,
and to pray God's best for the "new" year.

Happy Birthday Barkley.


Carson's Birthday said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi Barkley,
I just commented with the link to a random blog that I mostly use to send videos to my family. I deleted it, hoping the link would also be deleted. Diana, can you do that from your end?
And what I meant to say is, Happy Birthday Barkley!

Sabrina said...

Happy Birthday Barkley! :)
Diana can tell you this: Although you don't know me, I know Diana and she is awesome, so you must be awesome too! :)

Jewels said...

What is that present???

Cindy said...

HEROES!!! Awesome b-day present, friend!! I'll be over to watch with B sometime soon. :o)

Gracie said...

I think your post was deleted just fine as I see nothing here.
u're just all shades of nice. I KNEW I liked you. I do wish u lived closer...
Cindy's comment will tell you.
and it wasn't even from me!! Although, I did pick it up as an option but went with something else!