14 October 2008

funfact friday tuesday edition

It occurred to me that maybe no one else can relate to this. I recently returned a set of silverware to my sister. She has her own place once again so she needed some of the stuff that I was storing, er using. So, I packed up her precious silver (is it, really? silver?) and delivered it to her. And then returned to my house to use my shall we call them eclectic collection of various styles. You would remember this eclectic set as the set you used at college. You know, the hand me down from everyone, very little matches, you don't care if you lose one. Yes. That set.

But here is the funfact, I have favorites. Even while using my sister's matching set, I had a favorite spoon from my collection.
And I use it and reuse it.
Just this morning I used it for my cereal.
And tonight I washed it and reused it to eat yogurt.

It's what I like to eat with.

No, this information will not even begin to solve the economic crisis.

But it distracts me from yet another must write before the deadline paper.
So there you go.

Any other favorite fork, knife or spoon people out there? What about favorite coffee mugs? I know u exist!

Okay. To paper writing I go.


Brown Eyed Girl said...

So funny that you would post this sort of thing. As I was unloading the dishwasher tonight I realized I have several forks that I have no idea where they came from. Okay, maybe I have an idea on one but the others - no idea. It is not like we request people bring their own silverware when they visit us.

Out of this mix-match set I too have favorites in my drawer. There is this one spoon that I have no idea where it came from that I love. It is sort of like a sugar spoon and is perfect for cereal and soup. It is that in between size that I love about it. But, I only have one and so if I have visitors and we have soup we will all just have to share.

Gracie said...

R-It's nice that you would offer to share. :-)

Jewels said...

Gracie - I can relate. I broke my favorite coffee mug this year and life hasn't been the same.

Hildred said...

hmmm ... with my own stuff no favorites yet. but mom's? definitely!!! a favorite wooden spoon (it's been used so much that one "rounded" edge is now flattened); a favorite potato masher (the one in the drawer, not the one that hangs between the fridge and the cupboard); a favorite paring knife (the silver/aluminum one) ... *sigh*

Angel said...

my favorite coffee mug you should know...its your dort mug...oh how i miss that mug and you :(....i dont really have any favorite silverware. however when i was little i like my strawberry shortcake fork.

Gracie said...

u know the other thing I love, mom's lil hand mixers. those are favs.

A- the mug is still here. anytime u're in the area...