26 February 2010

But then again, maybe not

As B left for work today,
he asked me to drop off some dry cleaning.
This simple request launched a period of brain synapses
(or something) that reminded me
I never drycleaned my wedding dress.
So I grabbed it from the closet and packed it in the car.

This is all a rather mundane story
(perhaps even worthy of the dullest blog in the world material). The mundane ended, however,
when they informed me they charge $150
to dry clean and press my dress
Seriously? How did I not know this.
Call me crazy, I was thinking more around $50. But three times that amount??
Perhaps you suspected this,
but my lovely dress found its way
back into my car
and is now happily hanging
back in the bag in the closet.
Back to the mundane...

Unless, of course, you have suggestions
on a different way to clean my dress.

Oh, one more thing, the dullest blog is really worth a read.
But the find goes to my friend Sabrina.
Thanks for the heads up, lady!

One last thing, the picture credit here is to Jewels! You should check out her work because it is fabulous.


Rachel said...

I still have not had my dress dry cleaned and we are going on seven years being married. It is in a protective garment bag hanging in our office closet. While I was in MA Scott did a ton of demolitian in the office and didn't even think of taking the clothes out of the closet. The garment bag is covered in dirty dust but I've been too scared to peek in at the dress. I'm sure it is dirty. Bummer. I was wondering how much it would cost to get it dry cleaned. Now I know. Bummer.
P.S. Your dress is really pretty.

Gracie said...

Rachel, your story fills me with strange encouragement--well, except to think your dress got dirty. The protective bag might have lived up to its name??! :) I will check out prices in GR but I don't think I'll be dry cleaning mine anytime soon! I wanna come see your house. (How's that for inviting myself over?)

Sabrina said...

Saw that a friend mentioned me in her blog. Felt obligated to leave a comment. So I did.

Rachel said...

Invite yourself over anytime! Are you ever in town on Tuesdays? I was thinking it would be fun to have a LOST get together sometime.

Rachel said...

Doesn't even have to be Tuedays, actually. Scott and I usually record it anyway so we can watch it whatever works best. Okay, I'll stop commenting now. :)

Jewels said...

Funny, I was doing a little blog review since tomorrow, I'm doing a 4th anniversary post (late) and I found a Gracie quote from Feb 08, "the snow-filled splendor disguises what otherwise may appear to be deadened, barren moments". So I clicked over here and surprise, you appear to be coming back to the blog world?

Anyway, my mom had my dress dry cleaned and put in a vacuum sealed box or bag and I haven't seen the thing for almost 22 years. Your way just might be better.

Gracie said...

S-so glad u did!
R-Tuesdays is a good night for me as I'm usually in GR. i've been watching Lost online but I'd love to talk strategy and watch it!!
J-I'm off facebook for Lent which is helping me get back into my blogging grove. I like my thought from 08 (is that bad?). And Happy 4th! You're amazing.

Jewels said...

haha, it's not bad to like it - it was a great quote for this time of year...maybe I'll quote it again? Glad you're back to blogging!