09 December 2009

Oh Dove, why did you have to change?

Nearly a year ago, I wrote a post about the messages on Dove candies.

I'm excited to report, this year Dove has a new candy
--peppermint bark with dark Dove chocolate.
They join the rank of favorite Christmas candy. Delicious. I love them.

I eagerly and carefully unwrapped my first one,
anticipating my "Dove promise" written on the inside of the foil.
I nearly choked and
spit up the chocolate (forgive me, people)
because the promises are now
Martha Stewart Holiday tips???? Really?
Here is one of the tips:
Parsnips and brussels sprouts are hearty seasonal sides. (I guess I learned it is brussels sprouts and not brussel sprouts.)

Really, Martha?
Really, Dove? That is a holiday promise I needed to know??

Some good things really don't need to change. Sigh.

I'll be back.
To share more significant things than
my feelings about Dove promises.

My Master's program final thesis
project paper is due in two days.

Some of my intentions for my "post-Grad school" time?
Read a book. Any book of my choice. Because I can. Because I want to.
Ooooooh, the luxury.

Finish wedding thank yous.
Yes. You may receive yours.

And Blog.
Oh to write for something other than an assignment.

Oh, AND, download photos. I have over 1200 on my little camera. Over 600 that I have not downloaded yet.

So...life will resume. And I'll be back.


Sabrina said...

ICK!! Who wants to think about brussel sprouts and parsnips while eating chocolate???!!! Boooo!!!!

Here is my dove promise to you:
You are beautiful inside and out.

Happy Christmas!

Dan said...

What a great moment that was, my Master's Degree finished, when I could walk into a bookstore and pick up a brainless adventure novel. . .just because I could. And if I didn't like it, I could put it down and never finish it. Aaah. Freedom.

Rachel said...

You are too funny...I could totally imagine your expression upon discovery of this horror! I am so very excited for you to have more time for you...and I hope you get to sleep more too...cuz sleep is always good.

Jewels said...

I was so excited to hear about the new flavor of Dove chocolate, but I would have been sad too to read the inside. Hope you can still manage to have a merry Christmas! LOL

Gracie said...

Thanks, Sabrina. You are all shades of kind and gracious. I wish you lived closer to I could hug you!

Dan--I believe I am living that reality a wee bit. I'm reading the twilight series. And surprisingly am liking the story although I am very much wanting to discuss the lack of reality within it.

Rachel--you probably need the sleep more than me young Mother that you are. :) I miss you!

Thanks, Jewels. Loving Jesus and enjoying Christmas does not rely on my satisfaction with Dove promises. (Phew) Thankfully! Merry Christmas to you!!

Anonymous said...

Mitch gave the peanut butter dove chocolates in my stocking and that was the first thing I checked. To my surprise the old sayings were still there!! So that got me thinking I either had a really old bag or Martha hadn't gotten a hold of that flavor yet:)
Laura K.