17 December 2008

Words to live buy

These are a few images keeping me company this week.

As we walk through advent, keeping our eyes open for the Savior,
we are bombarded with images and messages
telling us we need other things to save us.
Or that things alone are something that people need.
We fill holes with possessions.
And so, these phrases are messages
from an unlikely source--chocolate.
Yet they ring the truth of things we know from sacred scriptures.
The greatest of these is love, for instance,
points us toward perfect love,
not the love of possessions,
or a possessive kind of love.

Being present to one another,
instead of racing around to purchase presents,
may be a greater gift than we realize.

Offering joy and peace through a smile
may be the best thing to pass along as you walk
through a crowd of people in a shopping area.

See what you think about what they are declaring.


Sabrina said...

Oh what a beautiful message! I've been trying to be more aware of what is around me this season and how i can be a gift, instead of actually buying gifts. I just want christmas to be more meaningful, lasting.
Dove chocolates rock!

Cindy said...

i remember your words about how God speaks through Dove wrappers...i have a wall full in my cube to prove it. :o)

Gracie said...

S-That desire, to be a gift, is likely already lived out in who you are. But I love your pursuit of meaning and significance this season. May it be so!
C-It's a bit crazy. And sometimes I roll my eyes at them. But there are some great reminders in those foil wrappers!

Dan said...

I was going to add your point, but felt like the list would lose focus if it got too long. So thanks for picking up the slack.

Lana Baker said...

Well, at least you got more out of those Dove candies than just empty calories!
Hugs & have a beautiful Christmas little darling!