08 April 2010

in which I explain how I almost got to ...

It was one of those catch up days, the day after Easter, when I dug through work email to see what I missed. I am so grateful to work for an institution that honors Holy days like Good Friday and Easter and allows us to take some time away. Being with family is such a great gift!

That said, I stumbled across an email that noted my registration at a conference in Minneapolis in June. Because it was dated April 1, and was cc'd to a VP at this fine place I work, I forwarded the whole deal to my direct supervisor. I inquired whether this was an April fool's joke or a legitimate thing. My supervisor was in the office yesterday so he responded to my question. It was legitimate. I had been recommended to attend this conference and he wondered if it worked.
And it did...
until I really looked at my calendar.
The conference goes through July 1.
And I have an important date with B on June 30.
So, I can't go.
I want to be everywhere.
But, the reality is, I would rather be with B then traipsing somewhere else.
Even though it was a great honor to be recommended (and registered)
for an event like this.

AND, I still have the event with B to anticipate.
It is worth the sacrifice. Hooray!!


The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in to say hello! What a lovely blog you have.

Karla said...

hey! we would have been in Mnpls at the same time! Shoot! You could have joined Sabrina and I on our date to cafe latte! :? But I'm glad for your date with B!

Sabrina said...

Whaaaa!!! :*(
Okay okay! I totally get that you want to be with B. But if for some reason that doesn't work out you could come hang with me and Karla! :)

Gracie said...

karla and sabrina it would be more than fun to hang with you. seriously. wish i could do it all. :)