31 March 2010

Putting the question to rest

I am pleased to report,
to declare, and to state,
that contrary to my previously,
and frequently expressed lament,
that I might not meet my new niece,
Kayci Joy, until she is in high school,
that THIS very weekend, I will prove my own
predictions obsolete. Unless, of course, something
happens to prove otherwise, B and I will head to Fargo
to meet our precious niece and hopefully prove to her how
very much she loves us (smile) while being reminded how much
we love her. That part will not be difficult. But I am every shade
of excited.
Yes, I am equally excited to see my other nieces too, and hang out
with two of my three sisters. (We will miss you Jen!)
It is all part of the wonderful celebration
of this very Holy week.
And I am grateful to participate in it all.


Rachel said...

Awww..so excited for you! I know, I know...I owe you an e-mail today! :)

Jewels said...

Woo hoo, hugs to Kayci & fam! Have a blessed Easter Gracie!

Gracie said...

Rachel-you don't owe me an email at all. I'll just come over again sometime. :)

Thanks, Julia. You, too!